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Let’s imagine for a moment a world of babes that truly know their worth. Kings and Queens with lifelong love as their foundation - so much love it overflows, pouring out of them and reaching every person they meet. It’s a world we’d all like to live in, right?

We share big dreams and little hopes with our babes. Through lessons and love; shared experience and stories. Whether it’s the first days of new life or way down the line, we want to remind you - you’ve got this.



Our little and big babes; the newborn hearts, old souls and blossoming minds of the world. 0 - 100+ Years of age.



Your aunties and uncles want the best for you. They’ve been through it all, and want to share it with you. They’re a listening ear, a warm hug and all the words of encouragement you need to get out there.

But aunties and uncles aren’t just blood. They can be friends, friends of friends, people from the past or those who pass through and leave behind pearls of wisdom. They believe in you like no one else - see the fire in your eyes; love you hard but remind you that the most important thing in life is to love yourself.

Auntie’s always have your back

Life is a collection of experiences, lessons and moments. We believe there’s nothing more important than sharing these lessons with the people around us.

There’s so much we wish we could have known when we were growing into the babes we are today. Luckily, we’re all teachers at heart. And we can change all this. All we need to do is share the lessons life teaches us as we turn into big babes.

We know now that life is growth, right from the first spark of magic in the womb; right until the day your light goes out. It’s all learning - every setback, every rush of joy, every minute in love. And of all the lessons, learning to fall in love with yourself is the most important.

Our similarities outshine our differences, don’t you think? Whether you come from lands of green pasture, sunlit cities, scorching deserts or snow-capped mountains. Inside, we’re all just the same.

The old saying is true: friends are the family we choose for ourselves. And family can be the friends we choose, too. These are the connections we cherish, and sometimes we need to share our wisdom and show our love with something special.

We want to see our babes being their whole, true, perfectly imperfect self. To teach them that their flaws and fears are the most beautiful thing about them. We want them to find their own wisdom, and pass it on to the babes they love too.

We believe that every babe on this planet deserves to love themselves. Because self-love is a superpower.

At Vivi’s Auntie, we make products that centre around the core values and characteristics we want to teach - to the babes we love, and to ourselves. We never want to stop learning from life, and passing those lessons on along the way. These are the pieces that help us connect. And each one has its own value.

Us adults love to over complicate life. What’s the freest you’ve ever been? Running round with your friends, water fountains in the summer sun, exploring the boundless city of your back garden? Tasting sweet fruit straight from the tree, jumping in the sea and leaving the water to dry on your skin in the sun? Long, aimless walks with no care for the clock? This is what freedom feels like.

We sweat the small stuff. And all of us do it.

So we’ve taken a little breath. Some time to slow things down and really think about what matters to us. We started wondering what it is we’d like to be remembered for. And what we wish we’d known when we were growing up. What are our hopes for the next generation? What things do we hope they value most?

Life is Colour